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Drs. Sokol and Fox have over 50 years combined experience as licensed psychologists with extremely active private practices and training schedules. They are nationally and internationally acclaimed lecturers in the field of cognitive behavior therapy and are coauthors of the cognitive therapy-based books Teaching and Supervising Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens: A Cognitive Therapy Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Creating Unshakable Self-Esteem, Think Confident, Be Confident: A Four-Step Program to Eliminate Doubt and Achieve Lifelong Self-Esteem, , and The Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help you Create Unshakable Self-Confidence and Reach your Goals. Former Director of Education at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Leslie Sokol, and Adjunct Faculty, Marci G. Fox, train professionals and the public in versatile and accessible topics based on the principles of cognitive behavior therapy. Lecture topics range from everyday issues of boosting confidence, self-esteem, dealing with everyday stress, struggles with sadness, anger, and fear, to depression, hopelessness, suicidality, anxiety disorders, trauma, substance misuse, psychosis, and personality disorders.

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